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Blog Tour – It’s Raining Books

The next stop on my blog tour for Ruthless Perfection is It’s Raining Books! Stop by and enter to win a giftcard.

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It’s Raining Books Interview:

Do you have any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits or superstitions?

I have a tendency to write early in the morning as the sun is rising. The house is very quiet at this time and the phone seldom rings. As I get drawn deeper into the story, the house could go up in flames and I may not realize it as I keep putting words on the page. I also like to wear the same cashmere sweater and keep my office set up in the same way.

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Blog Tour – Queen of the Night

I’m visiting Queen of the Night Reviews today for my blog tour for Ruthless Perfection.

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Queen of the Night:  Your first book, The Forgotten Heiress, takes place in both Ireland and New York and is also a contemporary romance.  What drew you to write contemporary romance?

Me:  I’ve always read widely across a range of genres including quite a bit of non-fiction. But a well written romance held the most appeal for me. It allowed me to be transported from every day stresses to a completely different world.  If I’m ever feeling over-worked or particularly chaotic, I’ll end my week with an evening dedicated to indulging in a great romance novel.

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