Blog Tour – Harps Romance Review

I’m over at Harps Romance Book Review for the final stop in The Secret Heiress blog tour! Come by for an excerpt and a review of the novel. Read the full post here Harps Romance Review on The Secret Heiress: I thought the author did a wonderful job with Anna’s character, betrayed first by her father, then a […]

Blog Tour – Erin Cawood

Today for The Secret Heiress blog tour I’m over at Erin Cawood’s blog! I’ve got an excerpt from the book and you can enter to win a giftcard.   Read the full post here Erin Cawood says: Both Anna and Alistair were fully rounded characters, with conflicts and troubles galore. I was drawn into them and […]

Blog Tour Stop – LibriAmoriMiei

I’m hanging out at LibriAmoriMiei today for the blog tour for The Secret Heiress. Come by to read an excerpt and enter to win a giveaway! Read the full article here LibriAmoriMiei on The Secret Heiress: It was an intriguing and engaging reading, very sentimental but also funny and touching. The plot is strong and well developed, flowing beautifully, […]

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Today, you can read an excerpt from The Secret Heiress at Romorror Fan Girl. Stop by for a chance to win a giftcard! Read excerpt here Romorror Fan Girl on The Secret Heiress: My rating: 5 of 5 stars I must say that this book is excellent from the cover till the end. We have: . Family Feud and […]

Blog Tour – Unabridged Andra

I’m stopping by Unabridged Andra as part of The Convenient Wedding blog tour. I talk about why book reviews are so important, and I’ve got an excerpt from the Rosa Legacy’s third book which includes this snippet: Lucia Montgomery knew failure was a likely outcome of the evening’s celebration. Looking around at the glittering social elite […]

Blog Tour – Long and Short Reviews

Come visit Long and Short Reviews today, where I’ve got an excerpt from The Exiled Jeweler. This is the last stop on The Exiled Jeweler blog tour, which I hope you enjoyed! Read the excerpt here

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Lush Book Reviews is hosting me today for The Exiled Jeweler blog tour! I’ve got an excerpt from the second Rosa Legacy book and a giveaway. Read the excerpt

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