Cover Reveal!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for The Sheltered Heiress, Grace and Felix’s story. It is book 4 in the Bolles Dynasty series.


Felix Goldman is a self-made billionaire, admired for his design aesthetic, bold choices, and defending the underdog. But his success hides a core need for revenge. Years ago, the Bolles family destroyed his mother, shattering his childhood and sense of safety. Slowly, he amasses enough wealth to destroy the Bolles’s flagship company–and the legacy of unfairness they’ve left behind. So close to achieving his ultimate goal, Felix didn’t count on Grace Bolles, or the simmering attraction he’d feel for her.
Grace Bolles lives a careful existence pursuing her artistic endeavors, never letting anyone get too close to her. A chance encounter with the charming Felix Goldman makes her wonder if she’s been missing out on life’s greatest pleasures–but when she discovers he plans to destroy her company and legacy, she’s forced to decide between their growing attraction and her deep sense of self-protection.
Will her love be enough to lead him down a different path, or will his plan for revenge destroy them both?

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Blog Tour – Erin Cawood

Today for The Secret Heiress blog tour I’m over at Erin Cawood’s blog! I’ve got an excerpt from the book and you can enter to win a giftcard.


The Secret Heiress by Susie Warren

Read the full post here

Erin Cawood says:

Both Anna and Alistair were fully rounded characters, with conflicts and troubles galore. I was drawn into them and their journey…If you enjoy sweet stories, twisted with a dark back story, and with an added touch of spice, you’ll enjoy The Secret Heiress.

Blog Tour Stop – LibriAmoriMiei

I’m hanging out at LibriAmoriMiei today for the blog tour for The Secret Heiress. Come by to read an excerpt and enter to win a giveaway!

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LibriAmoriMiei on The Secret Heiress:

It was an intriguing and engaging reading, very sentimental but also funny and touching. The plot is strong and well developed, flowing beautifully, there are several twists, witty and great dialogues and lovable and interesting characters…I love this author, her writing is crisp, clear, flawless, and her story-telling is brilliant. I really loved this book from cover to cover.


Blog Tour Stop – Romorror Fan Girl

Today, you can read an excerpt from The Secret Heiress at Romorror Fan Girl. Stop by for a chance to win a giftcard!

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Romorror Fan Girl on The Secret Heiress:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I must say that this book is excellent from the cover till the end.
We have:
. Family Feud and Secrets
. And Old flame that could be rekindle
.Two likable main characters (Anna & hot steamy Alastair) and their intense chemistry
. And a lot of money….

It’s a great read, full of steamy scenes and situations, witty dialogues and good secondary characters, and some twists and turns, The Secret Heiress will awake butterflies on your tummy.

Blog Tour – Unabridged Andra

I’m stopping by Unabridged Andra as part of The Convenient Wedding blog tour. I talk about why book reviews are so important, and I’ve got an excerpt from the Rosa Legacy’s third book which includes this snippet:

Lucia Montgomery knew failure was a likely outcome of the evening’s celebration. Looking around at the glittering social elite clamoring for her grandfather’s attention, she wanted to make her escape. But instead she held her ground. Taking a sip of chilled champagne, she waited for the evening to unfold. She smiled openly at anyone who approached her and exchanged pleasantries waiting for her moment.

-The Convenient Wedding

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