The Convenient Wedding

Excerpt – The Convenient Wedding

Read below for an excerpt from The Convenient Wedding, Book 3 in the Rosa Legacy series. You can purchase it at Amazon in Kindle or paperback. Or you can read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

SusieWarren_TheConvenientWedding_200pxLater that evening, they left the hotel by limousine. Climbing out of the car, Anderson held her upper arm firmly and said in a low voice, “Just follow my lead tonight. Remember we are very much in love. And I adore you.”
Lucia turned and looked into his eyes, “I’m not sure that we are doing the right thing. This could backfire on us.” She became conscious of people watching them. They were dressed in formal attire and standing close to one another on the sidewalk, bystanders were slowing down and looking at them.
“You look beautiful, bella.” he murmured. “And I worship the ground that you walk on.” He put his hand behind her head and claimed her mouth in a show of passion. Anger flashed through her body and she bit down on his lower lip. He let go of her and stepped back. She could see a flash of indignation in his sharp gaze.
“I’m not your puppet. And I’ll not be ordered around.” Lucia contradicted him.
She could see a few reporters hanging around the entrance to the hotel, less than fifty feet from them.
Anderson planted his feet wide and stood before her. “I didn’t suggest you were. But we are in this together and you have reasons of your own not to allow our association to dissolve into tabloid fodder. Don’t push me too far or I’ll walk away without a backward glance.”
Her eyes clashed with his until he broke the standoff and escorted her into the hotel.


Blog Tour – Unabridged Andra

I’m stopping by Unabridged Andra as part of The Convenient Wedding blog tour. I talk about why book reviews are so important, and I’ve got an excerpt from the Rosa Legacy’s third book which includes this snippet:

Lucia Montgomery knew failure was a likely outcome of the evening’s celebration. Looking around at the glittering social elite clamoring for her grandfather’s attention, she wanted to make her escape. But instead she held her ground. Taking a sip of chilled champagne, she waited for the evening to unfold. She smiled openly at anyone who approached her and exchanged pleasantries waiting for her moment.

-The Convenient Wedding

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