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About Susie Warren  

Susie Warren believes in magic. The type of story magic that brings characters to life, adds exciting plot twists, and makes happily ever after a reality. Her gift for storytelling was nourished and refined by growing up with endless responsibilities in a large, unruly family.

She married her high school sweetheart, launched a career in marketing, and became a mother. And her desire to write was mostly satisfied by creating advertising copy and crafting technical documents. But her real passion is telling stories and bringing characters to life.

So, she kept jotting down ideas for romance novels. Stories about complicated office entanglements, enemies becoming lovers, and second chances at love. Flawed, sexy billionaires sprang from her imagination, and smart, sensitive women won their hearts. Large extended families fill each series, adding a realistic feel and depth to her stories.

Her smart storylines, witty banter, and steamy situations draw readers in. Susie insists it’s all about exposing vulnerabilities, deepening connection, and ultimately finding love. The type of all-consuming love that makes characters fall hard, reveal intimate things about themselves, and put their hearts on the line.

As her children headed off to college, Susie took the creative leap and began writing full-time. She now has a dozen published novels and the ideas for countless more.

Each novel can be read as a stand-alone romance but is also part of a series with a large, tight-knit family in the wings, ready to offer advice and add to the drama.  

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