“I love this author, her writing is crisp, clear, flawless, and her story-telling is brilliant.”
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Falling in love happens accidentally, in the span of a heartbeat, igniting desire, vulnerability and dreams of happily ever after.

An Excerpt from His Boundless Fascination:

Zayn looked back at the beach. Waiting for a sizable wave, he made himself let out a deep, tension-filled breath and concentrate on the water.

His legendary work ethic had deserted him by midday. Hearing the name Violet Barlow had pierced his iron-clad control. The elusive model made him want all sorts of things that weren’t possible. It was insane—he wanted nothing to do with the beautiful enchantress. Liar. The word exploded over him. She had turned him into a liar. Instead of being able to acknowledge his feelings, he had to pretend that she had meant nothing to him.

He had meant nothing to her. She’d given a rare interview after their short affair ended and said exactly that. It meant nothing to me.

Yet, he continued to want her with a fascination that shocked him. It had been four years since he had pulled her into his embrace and devoured her mouth, taking in her soft breath, her graceful movements, her essence. But their intense fling hadn’t been able to survive a disagreement. She’d refused to discuss her relationship with an older photographer.

Zayn positioned his body and allowed his board to turn into a large wave. He tightened his chest muscles and acknowledged to himself that he hadn’t been able to banish her completely. A memory would surface in a flash if he let his guard down. He searched the Paris Fashion shows for glimpses of her. Violet reminded him of beauty and elusiveness. Her slim, shapely body moved with a grace that held him immobile. When her dark blue eyes slid over him, he would …

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