A Crazy Blind Date

Who, in their right mind, would say yes to a blind date on Valentine’s Day? Maybe a man who needs as much distraction as I do.

When my sister calls and begs me to go on the ridiculous blind date, I hear the desperation in her voice and say yes. She deserves a romantic evening with her husband. So I don’t tell her I’ve been crawling the walls for a week because I’ve been forced to take a leave of absence from work. It would upset her.

Beckett Adams, is one of her flashy advertising clients whose flight got delayed coming into New York, and now he’s insisting she re-schedules their meeting to a dinner meeting. So, she intends for me to show up at the restaurant and provide a distraction. The problem is that I’m a midwife and spend my time in the hospital delivering babies, not entertaining business clients. What will we even talk about?

But, we hit it off. Beckett is charming, sexy and a little distant. If you like the whole cocky surfer, based in Seattle, start-up vibe. He’s in the city to expand his advertising reach and find the funding to take his company public. Ivy will be thrilled about the new work. But I’m not sure what she’ll say about us hitting it off and spending the night together.

And before I know it, I agree to another date. This time at his parent’s estate in Larchmont. I know his cold-hearted veneer must be hiding deep pain and I’m curious about him. After a third date, he wants me to fly out to Seattle. But I’m out of time with the secret I’ve been hiding. Should I come clean and tell him everything or is it better if I stick to my usual polite fade-into-the-background routine?

The problem is meeting on Valentine’s Day is loaded, and before I know it, I’ve let my guard down and fallen in love. Completely, utterly in love. But he intends to return to his life on the West Coast. Alone. Is it possible that a romantic blind date may have softened him, just a bit, but enough to let love in?


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