A Foolish Work Flirtation

I’m in over my head. But I refuse to give up and insist on staying for the adventure.

My life was predictable. Teaching third grade in a private school in New York City, meant I spent my workdays presenting enriched curriculum and curating a classroom while weekends and holidays, were spent seeing family and helping others. I kept myself so busy, I barely had time to think or dream.

So, when my best friend shatters her elbow and begs me to travel to London at the last minute to organize a wedding, I agree without allowing myself to consider the downsides. I see her desperation and promise her it will be fine. But the truth is I avoid weddings whenever possible, and I’m not that organized.

It turns out there are a few things that Kate didn’t tell me. She didn’t tell me her boss would be there or that it was his mother getting married. She probably left these details out because she desperately needed someone to rush in and save the event. And she knew that having Alex Stern there would rattle me.

Alex is everything she has harped on. He is impossible to work for, demands complete and utter self-sufficiency, and is insanely gorgeous. And when he insists I’m not up to the task, I dig my heels in and insist that I am. And before I know it, I’m taking a leave of absence from teaching and living outside my comfort zone.

Now that I’ve thrown myself into this adventure, I can’t leave it all behind. I’ve crossed way too many lines with Alex. He might just be my soul mate. But what if he thinks our connection is only a bit of fun?


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