His Boundless Fascination

A Second Chance at Finding Love …

After a whirlwind courtship, supermodel Violet Barlow walked away from broadcasting billionaire Zayn Lyman to avoid telling him about her past.

Four years later, she needs to leave modeling and pins her hopes on starting a radio show. Learning that his company has bought the rights to her new show and plans to cancel it before it even airs, she seeks Zayn out and asks him to reconsider.

He has never forgotten their passionate fling or why it ended abruptly. When Violet shows up on his doorstep, he can’t turn her away. Her fragile exterior rouses his protective instinct and he invites her back into his life.

They’ve both lived solitary lives. She didn’t want to risk her heart again, and he was intent on building a successful empire. With hidden wounds and a scandal looming in the background, she has to decide if she’ll accept Zayn’s offer of a safe haven. His large extended family welcomes her in and makes her feel like she belongs.

Will they be able to leave the past behind and open themselves up to love?


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