His Glamorous Obsession

She was the one, he couldn’t have.

Six years ago, Gabriel Lyman’s sister had asked him to take a young, rebellious videographer under his wing and give her a job. Beatrix Braxton came with a chip on her shoulder, the desire to take unneeded risks and a wild, impressionable spirit that couldn’t be tamed.

Immediately drawn to her savvy, independent nature, she tempted him to let go of his promise but he resisted. Except for one encounter late at night when he began to strip her bare before he came to his senses and stopped. After that, he steadfastly avoided her until he insisted that she return to university and finish her degree in film.

And then the perfect storm happened. His main videographer was injured in a car accident just as a major project was about to launch. Attending his sister’s anniversary party, he came face to face with Beatrix. The older, wiser version of her was glamorous and controlled.

He asks for her help with the documentary and she agrees. Neither plans on getting any closer than they have to. But when past wounds come to the surface, will they explore the desire that sparks between them or go their separate ways?


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