Ruthless Perfection

Isabel Neri desperately wants to succeed as an independent filmmaker.

But after a traumatic accident nearly took her life, her family holds her close, worrying that she needs more time to heal. When a grant comes through to fund her project, she announces that she is headed to Italy to produce a film about the marble quarries.

Getting the funding notice at the last minute, Isabel has to scramble to arrange all of the planning. She reaches out to a family friend, Marc Santoro, a highly regarded landscape designer, whose family owns an old quarry in Italy. When Isabel meets Marc at his summer home on Martha’s Vineyard, an instant attraction sparks to life between them. She reminds herself that she has no interest in anything beyond a professional connection and his aloofness puts her at ease.

Marc wants to refuse Isabel’s request. He doesn’t have fond memories of growing up in Italy and doesn’t understand her desire to document the old way of life. But there’s something about her unrelenting curiosity and obvious talent that persuades him to agree to her request. When they travel together to Italy, it’s nearly impossible for them to resist their unrelenting passion.

As their desire sparks out of control, they are both forced to come to terms with painful memories, family obligations, and their individual careers. Will they find a way back to each other or go their separate ways?


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