The Exiled Jeweler

He couldn’t protect her a year ago. Will she give him another chance?

Alex Armanti is a wildly successful venture capitalist. His polished golden-boy image, along with his business savvy, provides him a celebrity status among the rich and famous.

Emilia Berceto’s infectious laugh and quiet demeanor captured Alex’s attention when she attended a gala at his house in Los Angeles. It was love at first sight for her, and they spent the evening dancing, talking, and finally venturing out into the garden for a few stolen moments together. Images secretly captured of her, partially nude, were released to the tabloids, and her overly protective family insisted she step away from the spotlight.

A year after the scandal, Emilia continues to live a sheltered life in Florida, designing exquisite custom jewelry for her family’s business. When her grandfather falls ill, her family reveals deep financial issues, and they contemplate selling the business. There are rumors Alex Armanti intends to purchase the business for a fraction of the value.

When she returns to California and sees Alex again, it’s clear that their attraction is still there. He demands to know why she ran from their problems instead of trusting him enough to face the fallout from the scandal together. With her family’s legacy at stake, she must decide if their insatiable desire for each other is enough for her to risk her heart again.


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