The Chosen Heir


William Bolles is drawn to impossible challenges. He’s a charming risk-taker who invests in small start-ups, building them into viable businesses and reaping the rewards. When a garment manufacturer in Ireland is about to shut its doors, he hires a talented fashion industry expert to resurrect it. But it proves impossible for him to stick to his rule about not mixing business with pleasure.

Bridget North is a beautiful, determined marketing whiz who borders on being a workaholic. Raised by dreamers in a chaotic environment, she vowed to create order and stability in her life, until one evening she breaks her own rules and allows herself to be drawn into an emotional exchange with William.

They spend all of their time together, as William insists on getting to know her properly. But the more he pursues her, the more walls she puts up. Slowly, his romantic gestures and ability to reveal things about himself convinces her to let down her guard. As they fall in love, they can’t deny the scorching passion between them or their desire to know everything about each other.

William is everything she’s said she never wanted, a dreamer with a gaping sentimental streak. Will he win her heart and convince her that love can last forever?


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