The Exposed Heiress

Emma Bolles is in over her head… and is forced to trust the irreverent Leo Bloom

Emma Bolles finds her well-ordered life in turmoil when her father is gravely injured. Stepping into the leadership role at Francis Bolles in London, she is faced with betrayals, impending bankruptcy, and damaging media coverage.

The man appointed to help her, Leo Bloom, has reasons to find her objectionable. He’s a self-made billionaire with little patience for those who were born into wealth and privilege. If that isn’t enough, Emma broke her engagement to his brother in front of the paparazzi and actively tried to terminate the contract with his advertising agency. Despite all of that, she finds Leo unbelievably sexy and can barely take in a breath when he is near her.

Leo has always carried a torch for Emma, but he keeps it carefully hidden. There’s something about her willingness to work harder than anyone he knows that touches something deep inside of him. He knows what it’s like to beat insurmountable odds. Her father saved him years before, so he makes it his mission to help Emma salvage what is left of her family’s business.

Their fiery encounters reveal their most closely held memories and emotional wounds. Leo is interested in proving his worth, while Emma wants to save her family’s legacy. 

In spite of everything, can they open their hearts and find their own happily-ever-after?


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