The Secret Heiress


Finding it difficult to survive the emotional scars of being abandoned by her father and then rebuffed by billionaire Alistair Martin at a critical moment in her life, Anna Bolles avoids emotional entanglements until she is challenged to reinvent herself.

Alistair Martin is a hot, successful vineyard owner with a bad boy past who once kissed her with delicious demand. He has held onto a longing for the secret heiress but she wants to prove that she is fully independent. Deciding to invest into her struggling company, Alistair insists that she meets his over the top challenges and prove that she is worthy of running a business.   
It will take every scrap of ingenuity and drive she has to launch her events management company while under the spell of this sinfully attractive billionaire. Ultimately, his need to avoid being tied down is put to the test as she slowly reveals her true feelings. Can they save the company and find their happily ever after?


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